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Web Design in 2018 | VirteomThe internet has been around for decades. So, most people are comfortable with it and know how to use it to their best advantage. Websites are an integral part of the internet, and without them, life would be difficult for both everyday and business use. Over the years, the standards for web design have evolved and been refined. Here are some of the best practices and standards that you can see in web design in the coming year.

The Basics of web design:

The Header

Header Image | Virteom

The header of your website is one of the most valuable areas of yor site. It made up of your logo, navigation, sub menus and search features. 


Navigation tools are important for any website. The navigation of your website are the links that take visitors to one page or another on your website. This information is most often placed in a header across the top of the homepage. That way it is easy to find and use. For more on navigation best practices click here

Search Feature Placement

If you are going to include a search feature on your website, it needs to be placed carefully. Most web designers place it in the header. However, including a search box is not a necessary task. It is not needed for websites that are organized well.

Logo Placement

Of course, a company’s website must have the company’s logo on it somewhere. The industry standard has become the upper left corner of the page. Although it is not a hard and fast rule that must be followed, it has become the most common place to locate the logo.

Contact Link Placement

Another emerging standard is the placement of contact information and a corresponding link. Most designers place this information on the top right-hand side of every page on a site. 

The Footer

Footer Example | Virteom

Your footer is the large portion of the bottom of your website. The footer appears on every single page of your website. The footer can be a helpful area of your website. It is a great location for various elements of a webpage. The footer is the idea place for important information such as copyright, privacy policy, legal disclaimers, the site map and contact links. You can also place your social media icons and opt-in sign-up fields in the footer.

2018 Website Trends:

Bold Use of Color

Bold Use of Color in Websites | Virteom

This year you can expect to see lots of color in web design. But, do not expect to see subtle pastels. This year’s trends are to go bold or go home. The color choices that are being made are meant to capture the attention of a user and prompt an action.

Flat Design Will go by the Wayside

The flat design trend has been prevalent for some time, but it is likely going to fade away this year. Taking its place will be drop shadows and gradients.

Scrolling Effects that are Subtle

Scrolling effects have been around a long time. They can be a great addition to a web page or they can be annoying to the user. People who do not like them often think the scroll is too overt and distracting. But, all that is ending now. Subtle scroll effects have faster load times, and bring a positive impact to the usability of the site.

No More Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons had their time in the sun. But, over the past few years, they have proven themselves to be not useful. The main problem with ghost buttons is that they were too subtle and did not prompt a site visitor into making an action. So, although they were sleek and unobtrusive, they were also not helpful. So, they will likely be making an exit this year.

Using Typography as a Visual

This trend has been gaining momentum for a few years. But, it will really take off in 2018. Expect to see exciting text visuals that include serif fonts and vibrant colors.

Curves Trump Corners

If you are a fan of the softer look of curves, then you will be happy with this upcoming web design trend for this year. Designers are clipping off corners in favor of more contoured curved lines throughout the design of a website.

Homepage Slideshow

Including a homepage slideshow, otherwise known as a carousel, is another up-and-coming trend. This feature includes a rotating series of images and messages. Although this trend is not completely overtaking static images, it is effective and can be a great addition to a website.

Playful Illustrations

Graphic elements do not always need to be pictures or stock photos. Sometimes a break from the norm is exactly what a website needs. That is why illustrations are becoming more popular. But, the illustrations cannot be boring. Using illustrations provides the opportunity to visually engage with the audience and inject some personality into the website.

Layouts That are Asymmetrical  

Do not expect to see lots of straight and even lines in web design this year. Instead, designers are opting for a more asymmetrical look. This look does away with the “boxy” nature of many websites and, instead, opts for sharp angles that grab a viewer’s attention. Since asymmetry is so eye-catching, it is the perfect option for building the character of a brand.

Whether you choose to follow the new trends or stay traditional in your web design ideas, the most important aspect to remember is to talk to the customer, not about you. If you need help getting started with your website design, contact Virteom today. We can steer you in the right direction.

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